Meet the Team

Kiki Intarasuwan

Videographer / Co-Web Designer

"I'm a senior at FIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communications, on the TV production track. I plan to graduate in Summer 2015, and I look forward into diving into the great unknown of the job market."

Sarah Knapp

Video Editor

“I’m a senior at FIU’s SJMC studying digital media with a focus in IT. I enjoy learning many different skills, both technical and creative, to be able to create multimedia content. I will be graduating in the Fall of 2015 and I’m eager to enter the job market to be able to apply what I’ve learned and find my calling.”

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Jessica Figueroa

Public Relations

“I’m a senior at FIU’s SJMC, studying public relations with a minor in art. I am also taking courses in event planning and production with the goal to expand on skills relevant to the media industry. I’m currently the Director of Membership for PRSSA. For this spring 2015 term, I serve as a PR intern for the Office of the Vice Provost at BBC as well as working in the Office of Undergraduate Education. I will be graduating in December 2015 and look forward to working in a Spanish television corporation.”

Kaylin Konchak

"I am a senior graduating in Summer 2015 from Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications on the digital media studies track.  My education and practical experience have given me a diverse skill set with public relations and marketing campaigns. My specialty is aligning and integrating digital media and graphic design functions with overall strategic business initiatives."

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Maria Rojas

I’m a Senior at FIU’s SJMC studying broadcast media/TV production. I have a concentration area in international relations to broaden my knowledge. I’m passionate about producing TV and all the “behind the scenes”  work. My dream is to create and produce shows that will empower women and their family.

Joseph "JoJo" Engelmajer

Web Designer / Audio

Communication has always fascinated me. Our capacity to communicate with each other, in a rich variety of ways, is essentially what makes us human. Today, with the Internet, our potential to communicate is evolving everyday. I love understanding how to leverage the Internet in order to meet specific communication goals. My studies are focused on digital media, social media and e-marketing. My primary interest in the digital media industry is UX design.


"If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much room."


Michael Scott Sheerin

Executive Producer

Director, SJMC Online

Associate Professor
Department of Journalism
School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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